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Thursday, March 22, 2007

Happy Ugadi and Cashew-Walnut Kathli

We celebrated the Telugu New Year, Ugadi with a sweet treat called Cashew-Walnut Kathli. This is not the traditional sweet for Ugadi but I wanted to make something without much oil or ghee. Though the Kathli has fat due to the cashews and walnuts, this fat is the good for the body. The secret being portion control. One piece of the Kathli per day is healthy.

I thought this sweet must be loaded with ghee until I came across the recipe on Saffron Hut. I used walnuts in the original recipe as these are my favourite nuts and followed the exact recipe, instructions given on the Kaju/Cashew Kathli post of Saffron Hut. I used equal quantities of both cashews and walnuts. And the result is too good. And this sweet is a breeze to make. So if you like walnuts, you may want to use them when you make this sweet next time.

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Nupur said...

The combination of walnuts and cashews sounds divine! I love the deep, slightly bitter taste of walnuts too. Thanks for reminding me of this awesome recipe.

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