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Thursday, April 5, 2007

Mango Khat-Mitt

Talking of hubbies and howling, moments that make you rage on hubbies. Seething that has no outlet and outbursts that can be useless. Talking of not knowing where to channel that energy or how to restore peace in oneself. Think of just one simple, finger licking tangy dish-Mango KatMit. I almost renamed it to Kuch Khatta Kuch Meeta. Suits excellently for such situations described above and I am talking from live experience today. This very morning, co incidentally, I happened to ask my mom about this recipe which is made when mangoes are available. Back in my childhood, I used to lick the bowl off with a comic by my side. I would do the same thing over again except today’s situation is different in that I was F-U-R-I-O-U-S with my DH. Knowing arguing would be pointless, I was thinking of ways to restore my joy and my peace. With delicious anticipation I set out to do this chat pataa snack which I duly made and licked the bowl clean again. And yes, the anger did subside…….. considerably.

Pregnant ladies who love tangy taste of mangoes as well as ladies who have a sweet/tangy/spicy tooth might find this a slice of heaven.

Here goes the less than 5 minute snack.

1 raw mango diced into 1cm pieces.
Handful groundnuts(or less)
3 dry red chilly halves (as per taste)
Half a cup jaggery.
Salt to taste.
1 and half tbsp olive oil.

Heat oil and add red chillies and groundnuts.
Fry for a little while until groundnuts are a little browned.
Add the mango pieces and cook until mango is soft.
Add the jaggery (half a cup-less or more as per taste) and salt. Mix for a while until it thickens and switch off the flame.
Empty into a bowl and wait until it cools.

And then......
Lick it until the bowl is clean.HaHaHa!!!Revenge is very sweet!So to say.

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